The mission of our pharmacy is to provide cost effective, compassionate and quality pharmaceutical care to all patients with optimum support in all clinical areas with complete guidance and counseling. In order to develop rational use of drugs, the clinical pharmacists work in collaboration with clinical departments.


The pharmacy has been sub-divided into two segments to facilitate the railway entitled patients.

  • Inpatient pharmacy
  • Out Patient Pharmacy
  • In addition to facilitate the private patients, a pharmacy (24/7) is available in the premises of the hospital. The availability and quality of drugs is strictly monitored by our clinical pharmacists.

Emergency Drug Management

For life saving purposes, the emergency drugs are kept and maintained in crash cart in all indoor departments including Emergency Room.

Patient Education and Counseling

Our clinical pharmacists are educate and counsel the patients about the use of drugs and even their side effects; In addition to this the staff are also counseled about the drugs prescribing, transcribing, dispensing and administration as per recommended standard guidelines.